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Social Responsibilities

We at PKF feel that we are in a position to present ourselves to the elite market as well as the normal individual and are able to do this through the diverse sponsorships of a wide variety of events and by sponsoring them we create great exposure for PKF to the rest of the country.

Vital Voices

Swaziland’s Vital Voices Young Women’s Mentorship Program is in its third year and has been developed by a small core team of locally-based women who are committed to creating an ongoing Program that will initiate and foster a culture of Mentorship between successful women and potential young women leaders in the Kingdom of Swaziland. It is this spirit of co-operation and collaborative relationship building that we would like to see encouraged and implemented within the business and social environment in Swaziland. Vital Voices’ mission is to identify, invest in and bring vision to extraordinary women around the world by unleashing their leadership potential to transform lives and accelerate peace and prosperity in their communities.

We believe that by sponsoring this program we help to empower these young girls as the program teaches them how to manage resources and how to tackle everyday challenges. By playing this part we help these amazing young women to become the successful standard of excellence that we strive for in our homes, our workplaces, our communities and our country.

Ezulwini MTB, Nhlangano MTB, Imvelo Race and Inyatsi G2G

Ezulwini MTB, Nhlangano MTB, Imvelo Race and Inyatsi G2G are events that are held on a yearly basis and are well organized by Out There Sports events, Imvelo and Inyatsi Construction, respectively. We, PKF Chartered Accountants, find these events an excellent platform to promote our company, with over 300 people from all the different SADC countries attending these races, the exposure that is achieved has been very successful in our marketing developments. These opportunities to sponsor give PKF the idea opportunity to show them the professionalism and strength of character we have to present ourselves as a clean, efficient, international standard company that we are, while allowing them to see that we are dedicated to our people, our communities and our country. We strive to show ourselves as a company that promotes good, healthy living, creating a balance of a healthy lifestyle with healthy finance and that by combining the two our people can achieve a positive, well-rounded life.

Enjabulweni Family Cycling

At Enjabulweni, meaning “Place of Happiness”, the Pupils are challenged to develop not only their educational skills, but also to develop their social and sporting skills in the many opportunities that are on offer during the daily school programs and different events. We, PKF Chartered Accountants, believe that by sponsoring the Enjabulweni Family Cycling Event we are playing an important role in promoting that lifestyle in the children and feel privileged to do so. We feel that by encouraging the children in every opportunity possible we are developing the future of the country in a positive and fun way.

Swazi Motocross Association

The Swazi Motocross Association was once very popular in the 1970s, but its popularity died down a decade later. It was the vision of the team to rebuild the love for the sport and to create an opportunity for the kids to explore their talent in this new sport. Today the association has successfully hosted its 4th Championship and has an average of 46 riders. The sport has attracted a number of spectators which include high profile individuals being owners and managers of various establishments in Swaziland. By sponsor these events we become a part of that vision of creating opportunity and adventure in the lives of the children as well as the people attending the events. As the riders strive to achieve excellence in what they are doing, so too do we at PKF strive to be a firm of excellence combining global expertise with our local knowledge. As much as they fall and get hurt they get up and ensure they accomplish the goal of completing the race, we at PKF strive to demonstrate the same values through our continual support of these events at every opportunity.

Student Excellence Award

This award is sponsored by PKF every year at the graduation ceremony at the University of Swaziland. In accordance with established traditions and practices PKF recognizes excellences, hard work, commitment and diligence awards on an annual basis. This is demonstrated through the prize that is awarded to the student that has demonstrated a spirit of excellence during their tertiary education whilst studying towards their B Comm Degree.